Only post your first name. Avoid any information that would identify you or your family.
Avoid photos that connect you with your posted name. Others out in cyberspace can
see our wiki.
This is a class, not a personal, wiki. Your postings should relate only to the school topics
presented. Remember that what you post can be out there forever. Don’t post anything
that you would not want seen by a future employer, representative of an educational
institution, or your parents.
Use correct grammar and spelling. Ask permission before sharing someone else’s work.
Cite anything that you use from another source.
Respond in a constructive, supportive way to the postings of your classmates. Do not say
anything in the wiki that would be inappropriate to say in class. Let's use this forum to create
a positive learning environment for all of us.
All classroom blogs and wikis are subject to McCann’s Appropriate Use Policy.

Misuse of this wiki:

Anyone abusing our classroom wiki will lose membership privileges and will no longer
be able to post and complete online assignments. Further action will be taken
by the school administration based on violations listed in the McCann student handbook.